Chris Brown, Tyga & Marshmello Are Club Stars In "Light It Up" Video

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When Marshmello, Tyga and Chris Brown arrive at the party, you know it's about to get lit. While Tyga and CB have worked together a bunch in the last decade, Marshmello is just now coming along to join the established tag team and we couldn't be any more excited about it. The hitmaker is one of the strongest forces in electronic music today, making his way onto the list of YouTube's top ten streamed male artists as one of the only non-hip-hop acts. His influence is only continuing to grow as he gets the club packed with hundreds of pretty ladies, thirsty-ass dudes and bottles flying everywhere.

The new video for "Light It Up" shows a scene that will most likely occur every time the track comes on at the club. Mello arrives with his two superstar friends in tow, sneaking in through the backdoor and immediately hitting the stage. Balloons fly in the air while the trio lights up the show, chilling in the exclusive section with a couple of baddies during their off-time. 

The song was released this morning and minutes after it premiered, the video became available vis Marshmello's page. What do you think of the song and video? Make sure to leave a rating here.

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