French Tobacco Retailers to Sell Bitcoin From January

Tobacconists in France are reportedly going to be selling bitcoin vouchers to the public from New Year.

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No I.D. Says He, Kanye West, & Just Blaze Almost Made A Super Group

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No I.D. is one of the most respected producers in the hip-hop game. He's an established veteran that has helped construct classics, and he's always known his worth. That's why No I.D. turned down a contract to become part of a Roc-A-Fella supergroup back in the late 90's. No I.D. sat down at the Red Bull Music Festival, and Billboard reports that he explained why he didn't join Kanye and Just Blaze at the Roc. 

“Around Resurrection I had developed a relationship with Roc-A-Fella, which was around JAY-Z’s first album,” No I.D. said. After working with Jay some more, No I.D. was offered a contract. “I just didn’t like the paperwork,” he continued. “I had worked all these years so I wanted my money now. It was me, Bink, Just Blaze, and Kanye, And me and Bink were like, 'we don’t like this business.' If you look at the back of Beanie [Sigel]'s The Reason album it says it was produced by all of us for Roc the World. That was what the team was gonna be. But we all looked at the paperwork and Just Blaze and Ye were like 'Alright. I don’t care. Whatever. We’re down. And  me and Bink were like 'Nah.' It was funny because there were certain people after that happened that we’re like 'You blew it. It’s over. you’re a dummy.' Because Roc-A-Fella explodes. But I had put much blood sweat and tears in before that to just be cool and accepted.”

Pokémon x Tamagotchi Collaboration Release Date Announced

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The Tamagotchi was a toy constructed perfectly for the 90's kid. Children flocked to the virtual pets as if they were real, saving their parents thousands of dollars in the process. Millions bought the pocket-sized toys, and the phenomena that started in Japan spread across the globe. Like many of the toys in the mid to late 90's, companies integrated new technology to recreate activities. Essentially, they were selling unique experiences via a digital platform. We see how that has evolved. Although Tamagotchis have faded since the height of their popularity, they retained a devout following. The Pokemon x Tamagotchi collaboration has been teased for months, and now, fans of the anime have been blessed with a release date. 

According to Hypebeastthe official release date for the Tamagotchi is January 26. The leaked images that hit the internet earlier this month confirmed that Eevee will be the first Pokemon to get a themed Tamagotchi. It will come in Team Rocket and Ditto variants, and will retail for ¥2,300 JPY ($20 USD). The release is exclusively in Japan for now, which means the January 26 drop is crucial for dedicated collectors. Hopefully, Eevee won't be the only Pokemon to get a themed package, but there's no reputable information that says otherwise.

The Diplomats & Tory Lanez Get "No Sleep" On Latest Banger

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Tory Lanez loaned his talents to The Diplomats latest banger "No Sleep." The multi-hyphenated Candian artist takes control of the chorus, delivering an addicting and catchy hook that ties The Diplomats together nicely. The Diplomatic Ties single is a stand out track on the project due to an irresistible instrumental and Lanez's scene-stealing hook.

The verses on "No Sleep" are performed by Juelz Santana and Jim Jones. Out of all The Diplomats, Juelz and Jones shared a similar confidence and control in their bars. Both men describe the many ways that they can please a woman, whether it be physically or financially. Cam'ron would have been perfect on this one, but "No Sleep" is a banger none the less.

Quotable Lyrics
She said she want a bottle, so I brought the case
You know I beat it up like I caught a case
Fucked her for a couple days, first forty-eight
Killed that bitch up in the tele like I'm Norman Bates

Meek Mill Grabs Faboulous & Anuel AA For "Uptown Vibes"

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Meek Mill dropped off two new singles on Wednesday night, making this one of the best Thanksgivings of my life. The first single, "Oodles O’ Noodles Babies," is a smooth track that is in direct contrast of his second single. "Uptown Vibes" is a street anthem that bangs, and Fabolous joins Meek for the CHAMPIONSHIPS track. 

Regal horns lay the backdrop for Meek and Fab's lyrical assault, while Anuel AA hops on the tail end of the single to complete the Latin vibe. When the beat breaks down into a hip-swinging rhythm Meek delivers his most potent flow. It's obvious that "Uptown Vibes" will be in heavy rotation this Winter, shaking club rafters and rattling pedestrians on the street as car systems blare the fiery single.

Quotable Lyrics
When I hit you with that you know (You know?)
You know, smoke a little hookah
Kick it like it's Judo
Let you hit the OG
Sip some '42 though

Meek Mill Assaults An Old School Sample On “Oodles O’ Noodles Babies”

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Meek Mill will be releasing his highly anticipated album CHAMPIONSHIPS next week, but he's pulled up with two single to tease his fans. The first of the two tracks is called "Oodles O’ Noodles Babies." As the title suggests, Meek paints a nostalgic story about his younger years. The Philly rapper goes in over an old-school sample that sounds like a Sunday morning feels.

Meek begins with some harsh truth. He speaks about a man in his hood that was born a crack baby, and has a bleak path ahead of him. Then, Meek paints a vivid picture of struggle and references the infamous judge that made his legal process a pain in the ass. 

Quotable Lyrics
It's just me and Lucifer
Look what they do to us
They know we in poverty
When I went to court the judge said
'Meek you a menace to society'

The Diplomats Drop "Diplomatic Ties" Featuring The Lox, Tory Lanez, & More

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It's been nearly fifteen years since The Diplomats dropped their last project, but they have returned. Led by Cam'ron, The Diplomats have touched down on this thankful holiday with their new album Diplomatic Ties. The Harlem collective delivers that vintage Dipset New York sound that is defined by epic samples, furious snares, and slick bars. 

The Lox, Tory Lanez, Belly, and Trav make guest appearances on Diplomatic Ties. While your family is driving you up a wall, or you're full and ready to relax in solitude, Diplomatic Ties should be the album you throw on today. Keeping the venture brief, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freeky Zeekey paint their stories in just nine songs. Stream Diplomatic Ties on Apple Music and Tidal now.

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