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Maurice's plan for Sabrina backfires, and Danni has a date.

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Queen Naija & Clarence White Targeted By Chris Sails In "Bitter" Tirade

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They haven't been together for years and both have gone on to have children with other people, but Chris Sails won't cease in trolling in ex, Queen Naija. The singer has been enjoying life with her man, Clarence White, but somehow, it seems that every so often Sails returns to social media to taunt Queen and Clarence. Recently, things heated up after accusations surfaced that Clarence left his ex-girlfriend for Queen, and Sails couldn't pass up the opportunity to say a few words.

Queen Naija, Clarence White, Bitter, Chris Sails
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"LMAO my son almost taller than this simp," Sails wrote over an image of Queen and Clarence that he posted to his Instagram Story. "Queen prolly do not feel protected when they go out." Sails also said in a video that "Clare Bear" didn't buy Queen a Birkin bag; instead, Sails claims Queen gave him the money to buy it for her. 

Clarence responded with a few tweets of his own and even posted a reaction to Chris Sails's diss track, while Queen Naija mentioned that Sails was acting out before "one of the biggest moments of my life." The public criticized Sails heavily for being a "bitter ex-husband," but he got on Instagram Live to insist that he wishes nothing but the best for Queen and Clarence. 

"I don't want to get back with Queen," he said. "I want Queen to be happy and Clarence to be happy, but y'all ain't gon' talk about that. Y'all only gon' talk about the negative stuff I do... When Clarence sub-tweet me it's okay, but when I do it, it's not? Or when I cheated it was a big deal, but when he did it, it's okay, y'all justifying it. It's not right. Wrong is wrong at the end of the day ad right is right. And Queen not innocent, nobody not innocent in the situation." Check out a few posts about the messy situation below.

Ice Cube Wasn't Sidelined By Biden Over "Contract With Black America": Report

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The co-chair to former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign is calling foul on Ice Cube's recent comments. The rapper has been embroiled in political controversy after he received a shout out from the Republican Party for working with the Trump administration for his "Contract With Black America," however, Ice Cube cut the tomfoolery rather quickly when he let it be known he doesn't endorse President Trump. Still, photoshopped images of him and 50 Cent wearing Make America Great Again" hats circulated on the internet, and no matter how many times the N.W.A. star tells the world that he doesn't side with either political party, his name is still dragged into the election mess.

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According to Ice Cube, both Trump and Biden's campaigns reached out to him about his "Contract With Black America." However, Cube stated that Trump's people wanted to speak about it immediately while Biden's camp wanted to wait until after the election. Rep. Cedric Richmond, the co-chair of Biden's campaign, bit back at that remark, stating that what Cube said wasn't true.

"I like the fact that Ice Cube is getting engaged in policy. I think that is a good thing, however, once you embark on getting into it, one, you have to be truthful, but two, you have an obligation, I think, to see it through and to be thorough with it," Richmond said while on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show.

"Our plan is very thorough. I won't say he has a skeleton plan, but he has an outline of things, he has an outline of things that should be done. It's not as comprehensive as our plan. And so that's what we told him, and the offer to stay engaged was not, 'we'll talk to you after the election.' It went like this: 'Here's my cell number, anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think, you know, we need to talk about further, just pick up the phone and call.'"

He went on to say that he doesn't think that it's a bad thing that Cube gave Trump's camp his "Contract With Black America" and he doesn't believe that the rapper is endorsing the President. Richmond did point out that Trump's plan had changes and policies that were symbolic, like making Juneteenth a national holiday, but it didn't answer the question of how America would dismantle systemic racism. You can listen to the discussion here

LisaRaye McCoy Open To Going On Date With Meek Mill: "Come Through"

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When LisaRaye McCoy announced that she launched an OnlyFans page, people lit up to see Diamond back in action. The actress shared on Instagram recently that she planned on showing "everything," but we're not exactly sure what that means. "If I could have a place that only my people come to, only my fans, only my likes, only my members, only my people that mess with me — you know what? I could do a OnlyFans page." Thousands of people responded to LisaRaye's announcement, including Meek Mill who joked that he would sign up for the VIP package if he could.

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Everything insta aint ready for! No haters allowed

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LisaRaye addressed Meek's comment while chatting with her Cocktails with Queens co-hosts as they teased her about his admiration. "Is he in Atlanta?" LisaRaye asked. "Tell him I'm here and tell him to pull through. Come through." Claudia Jordan wanted to know if LisaaRaye would entertain going on a date with the rapper. "How old is Meek?" LisaRaye questioned. The ladies answered that he's in his mid-thirties.

"You never know what's behind the brand. Behind the face. Behind the words," said McCoy. "You know what I mean? I find it to always be a geniune attribute to be able to have a conversation with someone and let their guard down and you let your guard down, that preconceived notion of who you think they are." While she didn't officially say the word "yes," her co-hosts took her answer as she's open to it. We just have to see what Meek thinks about this one. Check out the clip below.

Philly Protestors Clash With Police After Mentally Ill Black Man Was Killed

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A police-involved shooting in Philadelphia on Monday (October 26) has reignited protests in the City of Brotherly Love. According to multiple reports, it was during the afternoon hours when police shot and killed a man, later identified as 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., who was said to be carrying a knife. Some reports state that Wallace wasn't charging the officers and had a mental illness. His mother was reportedly on the scene and was screaming at the officers not to hurt him as she followed him in the street. Her son was shot in front of her.

"Responding officers witnessed a male on the block. Immediately they noticed he had a knife in his possession and he was brandishing it, and waiving it erratically," said Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Gripp, according to CBS News. "Upon being struck the male immediately dropped the knife and was scooped up by one of the discharging officers who took him into his police car, drove him over to Presbyterian Hospital where unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries."

Cellphone footage of the incident has been shared online, although it seems that recording began just before Wallace was killed. What occurred prior to officers arriving wasn't documented by bystanders. Protestors immediately gathered together at the location of the incident and this evening, many have taken to the streets. An unoccupied police van was torched and the increasing protests are being documented online. There are social media users listening to police scanners, stating that police don't have the manpower to go up against residents. Videos of officers in riot gear have been shared and in the clips, people are seen throwing items at the responders. Check out a few posts about the death of Walter Wallace Jr. below.


Peter Gunz As "Cheaters" Host Hits The Internet & People Can't Handle It

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If there is a person who's qualified to be the next host of Cheaters, it's Peter Gunz. The rapper and former Love & Hip Hop New York star has had his fair share of run-ins with infidelity as a global audience tuned in weekly to watch as he bounced from one household to another. His 13-year relationship with Tara Wallace abruptly ended after she found out he'd married his client, a singer named Amina Buddafly. For years the trio's cluster of relationships were played out for reality television audiences, and since that time, Peter has gone on to have more children with both women—at one point, they were even pregnant at the same time. Last year, Tara revealed that she, Peter, and Amina are all in a better place these days, and it looks like Peter is no longer cheating, but exposing cheaters, instead.

The controversial shock-style show follows stories of people who suspect that their significant other is carrying on an affair. The tales of infidelity usually result in some outrageous conclusion where people act out in the streets, jump out of windows, chase down their partners, or flee the scene without being recorded. A clip of Peter Gunz, real name Peter Pankey, as the new season's host has hit the internet, and people can't believe that he's taken on this task. 

Check out a clip of Cheaters below along with a few reactions from the public.

Kim Kardashian Rings In 40th Birthday With Sexy Bikini Beach Photos

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Five days ago, Kim Kardashian not only celebrated another birthday but ushered in a new decade. The reality star-media mogul turned 40-years-old, and in true Kardashian-West style, Kim posted beachside bikini photos showing off a little bit of skin. Page Six reports that Kim, along with her famous family and close friends, were whisked off to an island in the Caribbean where they marked the reality star's big day in luxury. On Instagram, Kim wrote a lengthy post alongside a few birthday pictures, noting just how her sisters made her feel special.

"You know I’m a sentimental person and this party was the most special. They re-created all of my special birthdays throughout my life from looking at all of our old home videos," said Kim, recalling that her late father Robert Kardashian loved to record their special occasions. "They re-created the party, The same balloons, the same cake, everything! My dad video taped and documented our whole lives so they showed each of the videos of my birthdays on a big screen behind the party."

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters replayed Kim Kardashian's birthdays by mirroring nightclubs, her Sweet 16, and even ponies. "Each and every detail that went into this was so special and I am forever grateful to my family for taking the time to put this together to celebrate me turning 40." Must be nice. Check out a few flicks below.


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