Georgia Officers On Leave After Shooting At Black Boys

Waycross officials are investigating the incident.

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Garcelle Beauvais On Being Mistaken As A Nanny For Her Sons

Beauvais says she has experienced racism in many forms.

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Yaya Mayweather Blasts IG Users Flexing Fake Birkins: "This Is Getting Out Of Hand"

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One thing social media is good for is a flex, and Instagram is the perfect place for people to show off their goods. Whether it's fashion, luxury items, cars, makeup looks, fresh cuts... Instagram flexing is a right of passage for this generation of social media users tuned into posting their lives for strangers. Yaya Mayweather has enjoyed her fair share of luxury items with a father like Floyd Mayweather, and on Tuesday (August 11), she voiced her frustration with people showing off their Hermès Birkin bags knowing full well they're fakes.

"Wait a minute... This is getting out of hand! I'm starting to see too many people on this app with Birkins like their just some regular bags that you can go buy," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "Some of these Birkins gotta be fake and I'm not saying everybody's is fake, but let's make somethings crystal clear for one you can't just walk into an Hermès store and buy a Birkin you have to be like a member in order to buy them."

Yaya Mayweather added that even for the select few who are able to access purchasing a Birkin, they are relegated to only being able to buy a certain amount per year. "This is why my dad sometimes goes overseas to purchase them," Yaya added. "Another thing can y'all please stop calling the Hermès bag with one strap a 'Birkin' because it's not it's called a Kelly bag and the travel size Hermès bag is called a Hawk." She certainly told us. Check out her post below.

6ix9ine Reveals Story Of How He Really Injured His Arm, Wasn't "Caught Lacking"

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He's the king of trolling, so the public won't be surprised to learn that Tekashi 6ix9ine's recent injury didn't come from any street brawl. As the rapper has been enjoying strolling around New York City while soaking in his newfound freedom from house arrest, critics have been anticipating the day when he gets into trouble out on the streets. Thus far, 6ix9ine has visited restaurants, gone to the mall, posed for pictures, and handed out cash to strangers. Aside from members of his security team getting involved in a scuffle with a man who was filming the "Trollz" rapper, 6ix9ine hasn't run into any beef.

However, On Tuesday (August 11), 6ix9ine shared a video that showed he had an injured arm. In the clip, the rapper was being treated as a hospital and in the caption to the post he wrote, "I got caught lacking in these streets." Not everyone believed his story, and later, TMZ reported that they spoke with 6ix9ine who revealed the true story of how he injured himself.

According to 6ix9ine, he was inside of his home, walking down his stairs at 3:00 a.m. to his kitchen when he accidentally tripped over his one-year-old French bulldog. As he was attempting to break his fall, his hand got caught on the banister and hurt himself. Initially, he thought he'd maybe bruised something, so he went to bed. By the next morning, the pain had intensified, so his team decided to take him to the hospital where an X-ray showed that 6ix9ine has broken a "bone in the back of his wrist." His arm will reportedly be wrapped in a cast for three to five weeks.


Chicago Black Lives Matter Organizer Calls Lootings "Reparation"

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Black Lives Matter organizer Ariel Atkins emphasized with looters at a recent rally in Chicago, stating that she “[doesn’t] care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci’s or a Macy’s.” “That's a reparation,” she said outside the South Loop police station Monday according to WMAQ-TV. “That makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes... Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.”

Atkins comments reference looting that came along with protests against the Chicago PD's recent shooting of a man in Englewood. This incident sparked a violent weekend where over 100 were arrested, 13 police officers were wounded, and 20-year-old Latrell Allen was shot in his shoulder and taken to University of Chicago hospital after allegedly shooting at officers.

Allen is expected to survive and will face attempted murder charges. “Police say a lot of things,” Atkins said, charging that they “didn’t even have their body cameras on,” a fact confirmed by the cops themselves. 

In response to weekend's events, the city has deployed “multi-layered” security measures” restricting access to downtown Chicago from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. as of Monday. Highway ramps are also closed, bus services are suspended and all but seven of the city’s 18 Loop bridges now have police checkpoints. 


Nick Cannon Plans To Sue ViacomCBS For $1.5 Billion: Report

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It looks as if Nick Cannon is taking his bid for Wild 'N Out to the courthouse. The world witnessed Nick Cannon's recent controversy after he was accused of antisemitism on his podcast. Thousands of people stormed social media and demanded that the media mogul be canceled, but he returned with an apology. It seems that his "I'm sorrys" came a bit too late because ViacomCBS had already announced they were severing ties with the actor. The two entities had been working together for decades, but considering his show Wild 'N Out was under ViacomCBS, the fate of the series hung in the balance.

Nick Cannon, ViacomCBS, Lawsuit
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

According to an exclusive report by The Shade Room, Nick Cannon and his team are planning on taking ViacomCBS to court with a lawsuit to the tune of $1.5 billion. “It is just that simple, ‘Wild’N Out belongs to Nick!,” his team reported shared in a statement. “The show was created by Nick Cannon with his idea and original thought. Wild’N Out has brought billions of dollars in revenue to Viacom since 2015. And Nick deserves and has earned everything it is worth.”

“From the platforms he provides for other entertainers, the jobs he creates for black youth, the time he gives to mentoring incarcerated men and women, to the money he gives back and puts into communities, homelessness, and people less fortunate. He is constantly evolving both spiritually and mentally, as well as, taking action in learning, education and bridging the gap within the Jewish and African American communities, so that it will allow us to build relationships, work together and learn from each other in order to move forward in equality.”

“If Viacom believes in growth, equality, education, then Viacom will do what is right and pay Nick what they owe, and giving him his $1.5 brand.” Do you think Nick Cannon can win this legal battle?


Kanye West Shares Looks Of Presidential Campaign "Kanye 2020 Vision" Merch, Yeezy Prototypes

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He's back. Kanye West has returned to his favorite social media platform and boy does he has a string of tweets for you. The rapper has shared a mixed bag of messages for his fans, including a peek at his presidential campaign t-shirts and other fashion looks that the public may or may not have been waiting for. Some have stated that Ye waited to make these big announcements until today because it marked the day Joe Biden shared that his running mate would be Kamala Harris. We may never understand the mind of Mr. West, but we can get a glimpse of what the Birthday Party candidate has in store for his supporters.

Kanye West, Yeezy, Campaign, President, 2020, Election
Steve Mack / Stringer / Getty Images

After sharing a look at his "Kanye 2020 Vision" baseball caps, West tweeted, "I’m willing to do a live interview with the New York Time about my meeting with Jared where we discussed Dr Claude Anderson’s book Powernomics." He then wrote, "Hi @WBeirendonck Virgil can do whatever he wants Do you know how hard it’s been for us to be recognized? Coming from Chicago?"

Kanye retweeted a photo of Rihanna wearing a "Vision Street Wear" shirt that looked like his "Kanye 2020 Vision" tees, along with screenshots of Google searches that include "african cubism" and "Picasso." The rapper also wrote "Lesssgoooooooooooo," later tweeting he said this in tribute to DaBaby. Fans also got to take a look at some prototypes for Ye's shoes and waterproof bags, so scan through his tweets below before he decides to delete them.

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