Anthony Davis To Miss Several Weeks: Report

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New Orleans Pelicans All Star center Anthony Davis could miss multiple weeks due to a fractured left index finger, according to multiple reports.

The Athletic's Shams Charania says that Davis will see a hand specialist but the fear is that he has "a volar plate avulsion fracture." In other words, the Pelicans will be without AD for two-to-four weeks if the injury is confirmed.

In 41 games this season, the 25-year old Davis is averaging career-highs in points, rebounds and assists with 29.3, 13.3 and 4.4, respectively. Additionally, he is averaging 2.6 blocks per night.

Despite Davis' dominant individual performance, the Pelicans are still just 22-25 on the season, three games behind the Los Angeles Clippers for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Needless to say, New Orleans can't afford to lose any ground in the playoff race. 

In six games without AD in the lineup this season the Pels are 2-4, and they'll need to lean on Jahlil Okafor as the starting center until Davis his healthy. That said, Okafor posted 20 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks in a 105-85 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night.

Up next for the Pelicans is a home game tonight against the Detroit Pistons, followed by a tough stretch of games against playoff teams, including the Thunder, Spurs (twice), Rockets, Nuggets and Pacers.

Instagram Denies Limiting The Reach Of Posts, Explains How The Feed Works

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Instagram took to Twitter yesterday (something that will never sounds less weird) to clear up some issues that users are apparently experiencing with the platform. A rumour has been going around the internet that, because the Instagram feed isn't chronological (and hasn't been for quite some time), that the reach of your photos are limited to 7% of your followers. Big Brother Instagram, reading our collective minds, say that they've "noticed an uptick in posts about Instagram limiting the reach of your photos to 7% of your followers, and would love to clear this up."

Instagram says that this is completely untrue and that we, the users, determine what we see: "what shows up first in your feed is determined by what posts and accounts you engage with the most." They don't clarify what they mean by engage (liking photos? or just lurking?), but they do identify "other contributing factors such as the timeliness of posts, how often you use Instagram, how many people you follow, etc." They go on to say that "if you keep scrolling, you will see them all," but people are still annoyed that the company is meddling in the way they see content and are shocked that Instagram can't just read the room and return to the simple, chronological feed:

It's worth looking at the thread, every single reply is asking for the exact same thing. 

In a move that will likely be much more popular, Instagram teamed up with Netflix and now allows users to share what they're watching directly from the Netflix app to their stories, similar to sharing function on Spotify:

Lil Mo Blasts Queen Naija's "Disrespect" & Defends Loyalty To R. Kelly

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Lil Mo came through The Breakfast Club along with her husband Karl Dargan. Their chop up included a variety of topics including her issue with Queen Naija and her thoughts about R. Kelly. View the full clip after the jump.

When asked about the remarks she had made about Naija's Soul Train Awards performance, Lil Mo had a lot to say. The remarks were indicated the "mediocre" quality of Queen's vocal ability while also wishing her the best in her career. Mo has not changed her tune. The singer still thinks other artists could have done a better job. She cites Naija's social media popularity and her being "lightskinneded" as some of the reasons why she is favored over more skilled individuals.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

There was also mention of disrespect. According to Lil Mo, Queen and her team treat people based on status: " If they think you're just regular, they won't speak." Naija's lack of reverence to her musical predecessors was also called into question. "Since when is it okay to disrespect the legends and the OGs? There are some motherf*ckers that get on my nerves, but I know that if they came first you show them respect," Lil Mo commented. "Whoever [is] popular think they can talk crazy."

When it comes to R. Kelly and the resurfaced sex scandal, Lil Mo brought up the fact that the issue of sexual abuse is prevalent in the industry. "They think it's just Robert but it's not," she stated. "It gets to a point when I say, 'I ain't see nothing.'" Her unwillingness to speak out is not only because of the number of cases she would have to deal with but rather because of the associates involved. She explained that when you are connected to someone "you ride" regardless of the wrongs they may have done. The songstress also believes parents of R. Kelly's alleged victims should be more responsible.

Devin Booker, Gorgui Dieng Ejected From Game, Try Fighting In The Hallway

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Former Kentucky Wildcats guard Devin Booker and ex-Louisville Cardinals center Gorgui Dieng are keeping the ancient college hoops rivalry going even in the NBA.

During the third quarter of Tuesday's matchup between the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves, Dieng inadvertently caught Booker with an elbow, which led to words being exchanged and both players being ejected. On their walk back to the tunnel, Dieng and Booker made arrangements to square up near the locker room, as seen in the video embedded below.

Of course, nothing ever transpired as is so often the case when NBA players threaten to beat each other up. For what it's worth, Booker stands 6'6 and 205 pounds while Dieng is billed at 6'11, 245. 

Booker left the arena without speaking to reporters, but Dieng stuck around to offer his take and question why he was ejected in the first place. 

"He talked to me, I talked to him back," said Dieng, per ESPN. "I think he tried to hit me. Everybody could see I didn't throw a punch. In this league a lot of guys think they are tough, and they are not."

"Technical foul, OK that's fine, but an ejection? I want to know why," he said. "I know if you get two techs you get ejected, but I got one tech. And I didn't throw a punch. He's the one who tried to hit me, right? And I got ejected. I would like to know why."

As for the actual game, the Timberwolves won in a 27-point rout as they improved to 23-24 on the season.

Mac Miller Tribute Mural Pops Up In Los Angeles

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When the game lost Mac Miller, it lost an artist in the truest form. One need only listen to Mac's Spotify-exclusive rendition of "Dunno" to behold the scope of his talent. An excellent lyricist, visionary, and multi-instrumentalist, Mac's work spoke volumes to all walks of life. His passing left a void that's still being felt, and we can only wonder what else he might have achieved were he still with us today. Though he may be gone, Mac's fans have since proven their loyalty through a variety of heartfelt and creative tributes, including one from street artist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. 

Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, Zermeño Jr. lined a wall with a detailed depiction of Mac Miller, as well as one of his instruments o' choice - the piano. "Music is a big part of my life but Mac’s music is on a whole nother level for me," writes Zermeño Jr, in a heartfelt IG caption. "Thank you to everyone that helped make this project happen! It feels amazing to be able to create things I love and truly believe in."

You can check out images of the mural via Zermeño Jr's IG page. It's not uncommon for an artist to be memorialized through street art; we previously witnessed a global celebration of XXXTentacion's life through a variety of murals. Respect goes out to those putting in the work, and making sure the ones we lost are remembered and respected accordingly. Rest in peace, Mac Miller. 

Jay-Z & Meek Mill's Justice System Press Conference Is Streaming Live

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As reported, Jay-Z, Meek Mill and the numerous partners they corralled into their new criminal justice reform alliance are holding their inaugural press conference. As promised, the rappers are flanked by Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, Nets co-owner Clara Wu Tsai, in expressing their organization opening manifesto, at a press conference held in New York City.

Meek Mill, under the watchful eye of Jay-Z, has become an important symbol in the fight for criminal justice reform since undergoing a presumably unjust prison stint ending in 1-3 years shy of Judge Brinkley's final sentencing. After witnessing the hardship of prison life first hand, Meek Mill has devoted himself to civic and political action - in the hopes of correcting institutional biases, and the justice system's clear margin of error.

Meek, Jigga, and Rubin are set to name their venture during the ongoing press conference (which you can stream above). Even before the "organization" was given its marching orders, the members had been working together in an unofficial capacity, believed to have influenced Donald Trump's go-ahead with the First Step Act a month ago. But as of yesterday, Senate was unable to put the First Step Act into action due to the Government Shutdown. Meek and Jigga will undoubtedly touch on the issue today. Hear 'em out.

Lil Wayne Wishes XXXTentacion Happy Birthday: "The World Misses U Slime"

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Lil Wayne may have never made XXXTentacion's acquaintance in real time, but that prevent him from coveting his presence on his long-awaited Tha Carter V dropping in September of last year. And with that, Weezy was off to the races in the most patient bedside manner. In fact, "Don't Cry" is but the second single, and commensurately speaking, only the second music video to see light thus far - notwithstanding the cameo spots he consented to along the way. To mark the occasion, the former Cash Money understudy made certain to which his posthumous collaborator the happiest of birthdays from beyond the grave.

As you might be aware, XXXTentacion would have been 21 years today had he not been killed in a robbery turned homicide back in June of last year. Tunechi wrote, "Happy Birthday xxxtentacion The World misses u slime. Don’t Kry Video out now," before providing a link to the music video - which incorporates black and white footage of the deceased rapper performing energetically before a festival crowd.

As noted in the past, "Don't Cry" in its original state, was purchased by Cash Money president Mack Maine before it was jettisoned to Lil Wayne's in-house production team. With that said, Lil Wayne has shown a great amount of reverence to the fallen rapper, the types of which normally associated with martyrdom.

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